11 inch Real Classic Wok (Beijing Wok)

Full hand-made iron wok (Beijing wok) made with one sheet iron by inimitable Japanese traditional metal hammering technique "Iron Shibori".

  • Commercially available lids will not be matching with this.
  • Come with a Lifetime Free Repair Warranty!!

Size / Weight

Dia. 11" (27.9cm), Length 17 1/8" (43.3cm), Depth 3 1/2" (8.8cm), Thickness 1.6mm (1/16”, 16-gauge), Weight 1130g (2lbs. 8oz.)

¥ 37,000
Tax incl.

This item is out of stock. Please notice, because of the many requests, current production time takes up about a half year from receiving your order as a made-to-order item.


=== Professional quality! ===

Based on the opinions of professional Chinese cuisine chef

=== The advantages of metal hammering technique "Shibori" ===

Unlike forging of hot working technique, "Shibori" is Japanese traditional cold working technique.
Properly heat-treated and especially slow cooled iron can be worked by hand hammering at ordinary temperatures. Also when making like frying pans by forging, hammer is beating inside of iron sheets, but in "Shibori", it will be beating outside of them like squeezing.
By beating outside like squeezing without hardness change due to temperature change, iron sheet can be tough, lightweight and uniform thickness.
However, using "Shibori" technique for iron is very difficult and it needs more than twice the time and effort to use for normal soft copper, brass and silver. For this reason, ”Iron Shibori” is a very rare technique in the world.

See also this video,
The making of Real Classic Frying pan
(English closed captions available)

  • Outstanding light weight, heat conductivity and heat storage performance
  • Excellent durability
  • Uniform board thickness, easy-to-use shape
  • Dedicated perfect fitting lid available

=== Safety ===
The materials of Real Classic Ironware are iron and cooking oil only! There is no coating with chemical substances. It's completely safe. By virtue of no anticorrosive paint, burning off chemical paint before use is also unnecessary.

=== How to use ===
Commercial products require seasoning before use, but Real Classic Ironware is ready-to-use; coating with cooking oil by baked in a fire completely, there is no need for seasoning.
Thanks to excellent heat conduction, you can cook with less fire power than usual. (Please notice, fast heating by induction heater may cause a deformity.)
Handles of ironware may become hot depending on the cooking method. Please be careful for burns using oven mitts or the like if needed.
(Handles of a frying pans are good in heat dissipation, it can be held with bare hands if it's on a low flame.)

=== About Care ===
After use, please wash with water while the ironware is still hot. Since the oil on the surface will be lost, dishwasher detergent and wire wool are prohibited. Afterwards please dry with fire or towel etc.

=== Lifetime Free Repair Warranty ===
I will repair normal rust and deformation resulting from ordinary use without charge indefinitely! If I can check the sign engraved on the product there is no need to present the receipt. Please note that you are to pay all the postage for sending and receiving the products for repair. If you ever have an issue with a product, please don't hesitate to contact me.