Welcome to the official homepage and online shopping store of metal hammering artist Yuya Kobayashi.

Here, you will find my art works and ironware made by Japanese traditional metal hammering and engraving techniques.
I've been working at Inagi-shi, Tokyo, Japan since 2005.

Core technique of my works is metal hammering technique "Shibori". Annealed metal plate will be formed using hammer and backing steel called "Ategane". Worked metal plate gets harder by work hardening, and needs to do the annealing process again for the further work.
By the repetition of those processes, a metal plate becomes a piece of art.
It's an ancient technique for making armors, adornments, and everyday items like pots. However it is now almost vanishing because of advancements in machining techniques.

Unlike forging and casting or machine-made techniques (like spinning, press working, forging machine), "Shibori" requires much time and effort. However finished piece is  tough, lightweight and its thickness is quite even. Besides, finished piece can be much more complicated and unique than any piece with machine-made techniques.

Metal Hammering Artist
Yuya Kobayashi
鍛金家 小林 有矢

Address: 1973 Higashinaganuma, Inagi-shi, Tokyo 206-0802, Japan
Tel: +81-(0)50-5242-1839
Email: contact@yuyakobayashi.com

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